Jeff Dubay May Be Headed Back to Jail

Jeff Dubay May Be Headed Back to Jail

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Jeff Dubay May Be Headed Back to Jail

Recently, people have been wondering, where’s Jeff Dubay? Scanning Twitter and Facebook, there has been nothing from Dubay since the middle of November.

Today, news broke that Dubay could be heading back to jail. This stems from an August 2, 2017, domestic assault charge. According to the StarTribune, there’s a chance that Dubay won’t have to serve any more jail time.

I don’t have any inside information about the incident in question, but I have seen a picture of the woman that he’s been charged with assaulting. From the picture, it looked like she was messed up pretty bad. Her face was badly swollen and she lost a tooth.

(Jeff) Du­bay, 49, plead­ed guil­ty Mon­day in Wash­ing­ton County District Court to third-de­gree as­sault, a fel­o­ny, in con­nec­tion with the at­tack on Aug. 2 at the home in the 8000 block of Jen­sen Avenue S., where the blood­ied vic­tim had a large bump near one eye and a tooth knocked out.

The a­gree­ment calls for no more than 120 days in jail, and the pros­e­cu­tion “will be re­quest­ing the de­fend­ant serve 120 days in jail, and the de­fense may ar­gue for less.”

Defense attorney Rebecca Waxse said Tuesday afternoon that she will ask that Dubay serve no further jail time beyond the few days he was incarcerated after his arrest.

While Du­bay re­mains free be­fore sen­ten­cing on March 22, he is re­quired to under­go sub­stance a­buse treat­ment, ab­stain from al­co­hol and il­lic­it drugs and have no con­tact with his vic­tim, As­sist­ant County Attorney Siv Yurichuk said Tues­day. (Paul Walsh, Startribune)

Today on his Facebook page, Dubay posted this.

On August 2nd I was charged with third-degree assault. On this forum, I declared my innocence and stated I would defend myself vigorously. I didn’t know at the time I would never get that chance. I showed up to court to plead not guilty to the crime with which I was charged, 3rd-degree assault. I never was given that chance. I was told that if my plead was to be “Not guilty” then my charge would be changed to 1st degree and I’d stand trial facing 7 years in prison. I was not willing to risk 7 years of my life against a 2-month sentence, so I plead guilty. While under oath I answered questions very carefully, remaining truthful and never once committing perjury.

Obviously, times have changed. Many of us remember this guy, the “Rube” that we used to listen to on the Radio talking about college hockey. Personally, I really hope that Dubay can straighten his life out.

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