Wizards Regress Back To Old Ways Against A Sub-.500 Team

Wizards Regress Back To Old Ways Against A Sub-.500 Team


Wizards Regress Back To Old Ways Against A Sub-.500 Team


After beating the Cleveland Cavaliers in The Land on Thursday as LeBron James got in the zone, it looked as if the Washington Wizards did away with their bad habits. However, at home, Washington played a sub-par Charlotte Hornets team and somehow managed to lose to them, 122-105.
Not only were the Wizards defeated, additionally they allowed the Hornets to outscored them in every quarter, with the exception of tying with them in the third. Just another example of Washington playing down to the competition and showing why taking this team seriously can be fool’s gold.
“We the only people that can stop us,” Kelly Oubre said after the embarrassing loss. “We have to pretty much lock in bring ourselves each and every game, each and every play, each and every possession. And you know be together as a team, as a unit and we can’t be anything other than that.”
In the 59 games Washington has played so far, the 122 points that were allowed are tied for the fourth most points allowed this season following the 133 and 129 points the Wizards gave up to the Hornets in the two previous matchups this season as well as 130 given up to the Cavaliers.
Charlotte shot 49 percent from the field and went 17-for-39 from behind the arc. Frank Kaminsky almost scored just as many points as the entire Wizards’ second unit. He had 23 points and shot 6-for-9 from downtown and 8-for-15 from the field. Bradley Beal said that the Hornets outplayed them.
“They flat out whooped us,” Bradley Beal said. “They just played harder than we do. They definitely have our number. They’ve been kicking our ass for the last however many times.”

Head coach Scott Brooks said that he hoped his team would’ve come out with “better physicality.” However, this loss aside, this has been an issue with Washington this entire season. Actually, it is a bad habit they have carried into this season from last year.
The Wizards touted their continuity the prior to the start of the season. Yet, they have managed to lose to teams like the Mavericks and Nets twice and now the Hornets three times this season.
Oubre made a good point by saying that no one can stop the Wizards but themselves. But, it’s saddening that Washington with all of the talents this team has cannot win games that they should.
To Washington’s credit, this is the first loss to a below .500 team in about a month. Nonetheless, it is that time of year where every win and loss counts especially when roughly 5-6 games separate the teams that are in the playoffs and the ones that are going home early.
This team showed the league on national television that it is capable of winning against the Cleveland Cavaliers, even with LeBron surging. But what does that really means when Frank the Tank lights you up at home.
It is time for Washington to decide if they are contenders or pretenders because time is of the essence.

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