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Don Cherry Destroys Nick Bonino

Tonight, on the Coach’s Corner Don Cherry destroyed Pittsburgh Penguins forward Nick Bonino for his award winning performance at the end of Wednesday’s game.

“He’s not a  good hockey player,” Cherry said. “That’s not the Canadian way.”

Good stuff by Grapes, however, Bonino is an American. Looking at his NHL profile, Bonino is from Hartford, Connecticut. That being said, diving and embellishing isn’t the American way either.

10 thoughts on “Don Cherry Destroys Nick Bonino

  1. As usual, Don Cherry’s opinion is laughable. The guy is a walking talking breathing punch line. He draws ratings because people tune in to see what kind of shock value he’s going to provide.


  2. I saw it and Cherry is right on the money. He’s telling the Canadian kids not to follow Bonino’s ways. Right on Don.


    1. Spot on Sean, thanks for posting. Cherry basically saying we don’t play that way in Canada and we shouldn’t encourage American kids to play this way either. Unfortunately, college hockey is beginning to look like soccer. We have players flailing and diving up and down the ice. Contrary to delusional fans that applaud this type of play, this isn’t part of the game. Players that dive to draw penalties look ridiculous.


  3. LMAO at all the butthurt crybabies whining about gamesmanship. Time for you boys to man up and grow a pair. The ability to draw penalties is a valuable skill for a hockey player to have. To throw this little hissy fit over it makes you look foolish.


    1. PS – Why am I not surprised that you just had to have the last word in your previous thread after I told you I was ready to let that one go? Just goes to show what a massive narcissist you are. ROTFLMAO!!!!


  4. Please ban me, that will show once and for all that I am clearly inside your head and your fragile ego can’t handle the fact that I constantly call you out on your BS. I play very well with others who have the ability to be objective and rational, I just don’t play with narcissists like you.


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