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Dez Bryant blasts Josh Norman, hits Twitter to troll star CB

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant got the best of Washington Redskins corner Josh Norman on Thanksgiving.

He wants the world to know it, too.

Bryant posted five catches for 72 yards in the victory Thursday night. The numbers don’t sound like much, but Bryant has taken to Twitter to show fans they should look past the box score:

Bryant elaborated on what is going on between the two, which resulted in a shoving match after the game:

Some might classify this as childish or a petty rivalry. While fair, the NFL needs this—there needs to be more top-tier rivalries between teams. Jersey swapping and such after games is cool, but one way to get ratings back on track is to have some players and supposedly fierce rivals actually dislike one another.

Such a clear dislike is what has made Pittsburgh-Cincinnati so entertaining over the past few years. Bryant and the Cowboys going after Washington and vice versa is good for all. So keep it moving, Dez.