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Harry Douglas on controversial block: ‘I’m not a dirty player’

Tennessee Titans wide receiver Harry Douglas wants to make it very clear—he isn’t a dirty player.

Aqib Talib and the Denver Broncos would argue otherwise.

Douglas threw a dirty-looking block at Broncos defensive back Chris Harris Sunday and has now taken the time to stress he isn’t a dirty player, as captured by Paul Kuharsky of ESPN:

Douglas probably feels the need to defend himself because Talib later targeted him, creating a bench-clearing fight on the sidelines (watch here).

Talib wasn’t shy about backing up his in-game fight after, per Cameron Wolfe of the Denver Post:

Where and how Talib plans to do this after announcing it to the world remains to be seen, making it quite unfortunate the teams don’t play again this year.

Fans will have to figure out how to feel about this one on their own. Douglas threw a questionable low block, but Talib later escalated the situation in an all-out fight. Rest assured the league office will have something to say about both incidents.

For now, Douglas got the last laugh—his Titans wound up taking a 13-10 win at home, greatly hurting Denver’s chances at good playoff standing while the Broncos scratch and claw in the AFC West.