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Did Michael Bennett intentionally poke Falcons lineman in eye? (VIDEO)

Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett appeared to get away with a cheap shot in Saturday’s Divisional Playoff game against the Falcons.

It happened in the third quarter, when Devonta Freeman capped off a drive with a one-yard touchdown run. After the play was over, Bennett got into a wrestling match with Falcons tackle Ryan Schraeder. He climbed on top of Schraeder, and then followed that up by poking Schraeder right in his eyes.

Schraeder was then seen holding his eyes afterward, visibly in pain.

Apparently, there were some words exchanged as well.

Bennett is lucky he wasn’t ejected from the game. Given his history, and the video evidence, it sure looked like he intentionally poked Schraeder in his eyes. It’s one thing to hit someone late after a play, but it’s another to try to gouge someone’s eyes out, which is pretty disgusting, and certainly not a part of the game.