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WATCH: Norm Macdonald calls Indoor Football League game, and was terrible

Sports fans that favor entertainment value over actual football should look no further than the Indoor Football League.

We got a taste of what the league has to offer on Thursday night, when the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles squared off against the Nebraska Danger at the Maverik Center.

It was the Screaming Eagles’ first game in franchise history, and unfortunately, they lost, 78-47. But we did get to see fans storm the field in the first quarter, and plenty of other entertaining moments from the crowd on hand. We were even treated to an epic, NSFW halftime speech from a Screaming Eagles coach, who blasted the other team in hopes of firing his squad up (Spoiler alert: His strategy failed).

What wasn’t entertaining, however, was Norm Macdonald’s awful commentary during the game. The comedian, who is the co-owner of the Screaming Eagles, entered the booth in the third quarter while the game was being broadcasted, and he probably shouldn’t have.

Macdonald rambled on about general football strategy, his stints on Saturday Night Live, his goals for the Screaming Eagles (who he hopes will be competitive) and other things. He also had no idea what was and wasn’t a catch, admitting he didn’t know the rules.

The game had an XFL-type feel to it, and Macdonald’s odd commentary just added to it.