A Look at Tommy Rees’ Contract & Buyout: Can Alabama Fire Offensive Coordinator After Poor Start to Season?

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The Crimson Tide seems to be facing turbulent waters. As the new college football season unfolds, Alabama’s offensive struggles have been glaringly evident, leading many to cast a skeptical eye on the newly hired offensive coordinator, Tommy Rees. With the calls for his potential firing growing louder, the hefty price tag of his buyout is now under the spotlight. Let’s take a look at Rees’ contract and buyout.

Tommy Rees, transitioning from Notre Dame to Alabama, replaced Bill O’Brien, who left his role for the New England Patriots. The Crimson Tide faithful hoped for a smooth start, especially after a commendable performance against MTSU. However, subsequent games have fanned the flames of doubt, prompting many to reassess Rees’s fit for the role.

A Look at Tommy Rees' Contract & Buyout: Can Alabama Fire Offensive Coordinator After Poor Start to Season?
Twitter/X users call for Alabama to fire Tommy Rees after poor showing vs. USF

Tommy Rees Contract

The confidence in Rees was initially evident when Alabama locked him in with a three-year agreement worth a staggering $6 million. It left some college football fans and analysts scratching their heads. Rees was now the highest-paid offensive coordinator in college football, despite never showing he was more than a mediocre coordinator.

His first year, itself, came with a paycheck of $1.9 million. The investment underscored Alabama’s belief in Rees’s capability to shape their offense, but recent games have raised eyebrows over its perceived value.

QB Controversy

Central to the criticism around Rees is the tumult at the quarterback position. Jalen Milroe, after a disappointing display against Texas, found himself benched for the third-week clash against USF. In came Tyler Buchner, a familiar face to Rees from Notre Dame. However, even Buchner couldn’t shake things up, eventually getting benched himself.

Ty Simpson was then given the reins, but with the team now sitting 90th in pass yards per game through three games, the quarterback quagmire remains. The frequent switches also provoke concerns about the long-term impact on the young players’ morale and confidence.

Tommy Rees Buyout

As murmurs regarding Rees’s future intensify, Alabama will be forced to confront his buyout clause. If we operate under the assumption that his contract is fully guaranteed, then dismissing him at the end of the year would cost the institution a whopping $4.1 million. Anything before that, would obviously be greater than that figure. That figure would likely sit around $5 million as of today.

The sheer magnitude of this amount may force the university to think long and hard before making any knee-jerk decisions.

Up Next

The storm doesn’t appear to be passing for Rees anytime soon. The looming match against the 15th ranked Ole Miss stands as a formidable challenge for Alabama’s under-fire offense. How will Rees and the Alabama offense react? It will need to be quite the performance if Rees wants to silence the doubters, at least for a little while.

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