Chicago Bears DT Justin Jones: “Packers Fans Don’t Know Football. They’re Shi**y Fans”

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In the passionate world of the National Football League, rivalries are as common as touchdowns. Nevertheless, the fiery clash between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers surpasses mere competition. It’s a battle rooted in NFL history. The latest contributor to this thrilling narrative? None other than Bears’ defensive tackle Justin Jones, who had plenty to say about Packers fans and their former QB Aaron Rodgers.

“Packers Fans Don’t Know Football”

Never one to mince words, Jones expressed his opinion about Packers’ fans during a recent media session, triggering a flood of reactions. Renowned for his brusque humor, Jones delivered an unvarnished critique of the opposition’s fan base. “They’re lousy fans,” he announced, using a slightly more colorful language. He continued, “Half of them don’t even know football. It’s so weird to me.”

Jones, a fresh face in this long-standing rivalry, joined the Bears in 2022 after a stint with the Los Angeles Chargers. His frank sentiments paint a vivid picture of the tension between the two squads. Particularly, it hints at Jones’ readiness for the forthcoming season.

The defensive tackle displayed a bittersweet attitude toward the Packers’ former quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, and his recent move to the New York Jets. While Rodgers’ departure means the Packers are without one of their star players, Jones lamented that he’d miss out on the chance to square off against the elite quarterback. However, he confidently quipped that Rodgers leaving was probably for the best.

Jones Wants to ‘Beat the Hell’ Out of Green Bay Packers at Lambeau

Jones is aiming for a resounding victory over Packers’ fans, specifically at their home ground, Lambeau Field. He said, “I want to beat the hell out of them on their field… And I want to hear the boos. That’s what I look forward to.”

This commentary arrives as a red-hot addition to the historical Packers-Bears feud. It’s a rivalry that’s had its fair share of explosive moments, notably when Rodgers taunted Bears fans with a bold “I own you” after scoring a game-sealing touchdown back in 2021.

But Jones is optimistic about the future. The Bears, despite coming off a lackluster 3-14 season, have bolstered their roster with key acquisitions via free agency, trades, and the draft. With players like linebackers T.J. Edwards, Tremaine Edmunds, wide receiver DJ Moore, offensive tackle Darnell Wright, and cornerback Tyrique Stevenson joining the squad, Jones believes the Bears could turn things around in the coming season.

The Bears are set to open their 2023 campaign against the Packers on September 10, offering an early taste of the tension this season promises. Another key date to note is January 7, 2024, when the Bears conclude the regular season at Lambeau Field, Packers’ home turf.

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