NFL Totals Odds Explained – Guide How to Win NFL Totals Bets

In NFL betting there are a few core bet types that are both fun and easy to understand. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about NFL totals odds, which refers to betting on the over/under total points scored.

Below, we provide you with an in-depth look at betting on NFL totals, including how they work, tips for success, and more. Additionally, we highlight how you can bet on NFL totals and highlight the best sportsbooks in which to do so.

What is an NFL Totals Bet?

NFL totals are commonly referred to as the over/under across sportsbooks. In short, NFL totals bets are wagers placed on what the total combined score will be. You can either bet that the total will be greater than the defined total amount or less than the defined total amount.

Note, you will not need to guess the exact total score but rather you will just need to correctly the combined total will be over or under the defined amount provided by the sportsbooks.

Additionally, NFL totals odds refer to over/under odds for individual quarters, halves, and/or teams. Thus, you may have other over/under bet options than just the combined score total for the full game. Furthermore, certain prop bets will include variations of NFL totals odds such as will a quarterback throw for a certain number of touchdowns.

How Do NFL Totals Odds Work?

When visiting a sportsbook you will see two options for the NFL totals odds. An over and an under. Next to each will be odds, which will indicate how much you stand to win should your bet win.

For example, odds with a negative sign will show you how much money you need to wager in order to win $100. In other words, -110 means you must bet $110 to win $100. Odds with a positive sign show how much you will win if you bet $100. Thus, +110 means you will win $110 if you bet $100.

Lastly, odds with a negative sign imply a high probability that the outcome will happen, meaning they are the favored odds. And odds with a positive sign indicate underdog odds.

NFL Totals Bet Example

Below, is an example of how NFL totals odds are displayed at a sportsbook.

Over/Under Totals Odds
Over 65.5 -105
Under 65.5 -110

In this example, the sportsbook is setting the points total at 65.5. If you bet the over, the combined score must exceed 65.5, which is 66 points or more. If you bet the under, the combined points total must be 65 or less.

The half-point makes this example fairly straightforward. However, if the total were 65 and the combined points total equated to 65, then your bets would be a push, or a tie because neither outcome happened.

How are NFL Totals Bets Paid Out?

NFL totals odds are paid out the same way that any other NFL bet is. If you correctly predicted the outcome and your bet hit, you will win your original wager back, plus the profits from the bet. If your bet doesn’t hit, you will lose your bet amount.

As mentioned above, some instances could result in a push. In this case, you will receive your original bet amount back but will not receive any more or any less.

Sportsbooks will automatically transfer funds into your account after the bet has concluded and been graded by the sportsbook, which happens in a matter of minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions About NFL Totals Bets

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How do NFL totals work?

When should you bet on NFL win totals?

What are implied team totals in the NFL?

How is the NFL implied team total calculated?

Types of NFL Totals Betting

NFL totals odds just don’t refer to the combined total score. In fact, there are a few other sub-types of NFL totals odds. Below are a few of the main types of NFL totals odds.

Total Score for the Game

As mentioned throughout this guide, the most popular NFL totals odds refer to the combined total score for an entire NFL game. This factors in each team’s point total.

Total Score for the Half

In addition to betting on the total combined score for an entire game, sportsbooks will also offer odds for the half, most notably the first half. Here, you need to correctly predict the over/under for just two-quarters of play, plus overtime if applicable.

Total Score for the Quarter

Although it may be rare, some sportsbooks will offer totals odds for an individual quarter. Again, you will just need to predict the over/under for one-quarter of play, which includes the team score for both teams.

NFL Win Totals

Another popular NFL totals odds you will see across all sportsbooks are NFL win totals odds. Here, you are betting on the over/under for a team’s total number of wins during the regular season.

Prop Totals

Prop totals are bets that refer to specific outcomes pertinent to just one player or totals that are not related to the score. For example, you may have the option to bet on the total number of passing touchdowns for an individual quarterback during a particular game.

How to Place an NFL Totals Bet

Below, we outlined an easy step-by-step process you can follow in order to start betting NFL totals odds today. Note that our example features BetOnline, which is a top-tier online sportsbook offering a wide selection of NFL betting odds, including over/under odds.

1. Create an Account

To get started visit the BetOnline homepage and click “Join Now”. By doing so, you will be prompted to fill out personal information and create an account. After verifying your account via email, you will be set up with a sportsbook account.

BetOnline Join Now

2. Deposit Sportsbooks Funds

Next, click the “Deposit” button and you will be taken to a page to begin the deposit process. Here, choose the method that works best for you. Additionally, remember to use any BetOnline promo codes you may have to take advantage of new player welcome bonuses, which can increase your deposit amount.

BetOnline Deposit

3. Select Your Totals Bet of Choice

Once you have an account and have deposited funds you will be ready to browse the sportsbook and select a total bet that works best for you. Once you find one that you like, click the odds and add it to your bet slip.

BetOnline NFL Totals

4. Confirm Your Bet Amount

In your bet slip, enter the amount you wish to wager and confirm it with the sportsbook so that the bet is officially accepted.

BetOnline NFL Bet Slip


5. Watch the Game

Now that your bet is placed the only thing left to do is to watch the game to see if your bet will be a winner or loser. If you win your bet, your original wager amount and winnings will automatically be sent to your sportsbook account after the bet slip is graded.

Advantages of NFL Totals Bets

As stated at the beginning of this guide, betting on NFL totals is both fun and simple. With that said, here are a few key benefits to betting on NFL totals.

  • Very straight-forward. Betting on the over/under is easy, you just need to bet if the total will be more or less than the listed amount.
  • Accessible. NFL totals odds are widely accessible and easy to access across all sportsbooks.
  • Fun for live betting. You can find live odds for NFL totals, which enables you to receive updated odds and use real-time information to inform your decision or next bet.

Our Top Tips on How to Win an NFL Totals Bet

Our team of experts compiled a list of their top tips to help give you the best chance of winning your next NFL totals bet. Check them out, below.

1. Study Offensive & Defensive Schemes 

Before the game starts, you should look into each team’s offense and defense to really understand how each team matches up against the other. Pay close attention to each defense to try and determine how strong they are. In most instances, the only thing that impacts scoring is defense, so it’s an important aspect to study.

2. Check the Weather Report

In rare instances, weather can also impact offenses or total points. Be sure to continually check the weather before betting on the over/under total points scored. Rain and snow make it more difficult for teams to advance the ball and score.

3. Review Injury Reports

Before betting on any sporting event it’s best practice to check for ongoing or major injuries. Injuries to key players may impact how a team will perform on the field, especially if a team is missing a key offensive player – this could result in fewer points scored.

4. Browse Odds

You should make it a habit to shop around for the best odds and totals. Each sportsbook has the ability to set its own odds and some are better than others so it’s a good idea to browse odds so that you can potentially win more money by selecting the best odds available.

5. Limit Your Bankroll Risk

Finally, never wager more than you are comfortable losing, and consider trying to spread your bets across different odds and games so that you have more chances of winning. It’s a fact that you will not win every bet, so diversifying your bankroll and limiting your risk is a great way to potentially profit in the long run.

The Sports Daily’s NFL Totals Picks

Looking for expert analysis and daily NFL picks? Look no further than The Sports Daily. Our team reviews each and every NFL game weekly and posts their analysis and predictions each week, which include tips on the totals odds for each game.

Be sure to check our NFL picks page for more information and visit our site weekly during the NFL season to get up-to-date information on all of the teams and the betting odds for each game.

How do NFL Totals Bets Work with Live Betting?

In addition to betting on NFL totals before each game, you can also live bet NFL totals during games. Note that odds will change every few seconds depending on what is happening in real-time, however, just about every sportsbook will give you an option to live bet. Just follow the steps below.

  • Login to your sportsbook account and visit the live betting section
  • Browse the available games and their current live odds
  • Select the totals odds that you are interested in
  • Input your bet amount and hit confirm so the bet is accepted
  • If your bet wins, you will automatically receive your bet back and your winnings

The Best Sportsbooks for NFL Totals Odds

Here at The Sports Daily, we reviewed each and every sportsbook available to US players and highlighted their pros and cons. Each of these top sportsbooks offers NFL totals odds and other competitive NFL betting odds.

In addition, these offshore sportsbooks are available 24/7 and oftentimes offer excellent promotions to new and existing players. Among the best is BetOnline. BetOnline is our top pick for the best online sportsbook and is well-known for their wide selection of NFL odds.

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NFL Totals Odds Explained – Guide How to Win NFL Totals Bets
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