Geno Smith’s Influence Boosts Miami Hurriances’ Chances with 4-Star Recruits Air Noland and Chance Robinson

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The University of Miami’s football program is making waves in the recruiting world. Two consensus 4-star recruits from the class of 2024, Air Noland and Chance Robinson, are now favoring the Miami Hurricanes. The talented duo recently visited the campus and met with former NFL quarterback Geno Smith, which may have been a decisive factor in swaying their decision.

Meet the Prospects: Air Noland and Chance Robinson

Air Noland, a consensus top-10 quarterback nationally, is a hot commodity on the college football recruiting trail. The 6-foot-3 gunslinger impressed scouts with his strong arm and quick release. Noland’s March 23rd visit to Miami reportedly went well, with the young QB now favoring the Hurricanes.

Chance Robinson, a consensus top-25 wide receiver, is a dynamic playmaker at 6-foot-1 and 180 lbs. He’s likely choosing between Florida State and Miami, but after visiting with Noland, Miami has taken the lead. The two prospects enjoyed their time on campus, and the Hurricanes’ coaching staff is undoubtedly hoping they’ll link up in the future.

Geno Smith’s Influence

The presence of Geno Smith, who was on campus during Noland and Robinson’s visit, cannot be understated. A former college standout and NFL quarterback, Smith may have played a significant role in influencing the recruits’ decisions.

In fact, one of Noland’s college comparisons is Geno Smith himself – a striking coincidence, or perhaps a planned meeting by Miami’s coaching staff.

Air Noland on Miami’s Offense

Noland  spoke highly of Miami’s new offensive coordinator, Shannon Dawson, during his visit. He said, “Man, I love the power he gives to the quarterback and the freedom he has for all of his quarterbacks.”

He also mentioned, “Miami is a great fit for me, offensive-wise.” These quotes suggest Noland is seriously considering the Hurricanes as his college destination.

Chance Robinson’s Connection with WR Coach Kevin Beard

Wide receiver Chance Robinson also spoke highly of his experience with Miami’s coaching staff. He praised wide receivers coach Kevin Beard, saying their conversations were different from any other coach he had spoken with.

This personal connection could be crucial in landing Robinson’s commitment.

The Impact of Noland and Robinson on Miami’s Future

If Air Noland and Chance Robinson choose to join the Miami Hurricanes, their impact could be significant. Both players possess the talent to contribute early in their college careers. With Noland’s strong arm and Robinson’s playmaking ability, the duo could become a lethal combination on the field.

If they ultimately choose to attend Miami, the future looks bright for the storied football program.

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