Lou Holtz Fires Back at Ryan Day Again: “Ohio State is Not a Great Football Team”

lou holtz v ryan day

Despite Ohio State’s thrilling last-second 17-14 victory over Notre Dame, the postgame air was ripe with contention. The tension predominantly lay between Ohio State’s head coach, Ryan Day, and former Notre Dame head coach, Lou Holtz, leading to a vehement exchange of words that extended beyond the field.

Round 1: Holtz Says Buckeyes Are Soft

The spark that ignited this fiery interaction was Lou Holtz’s assertion, prior to the game, regarding the perceived lack of physicality in the Ohio State team.

Holtz confidently remarked on The Pat McAfee Show prior to last week’s clash, “[Notre Dame] would beat Ohio State because it is a more physical team,” insinuating a perceived softness in the Buckeyes.

Round 2: Day Calls Out Holtz After Buckeyes Defeat Notre Dame

Ryan Day, post-victory, fervently responded, “I’d like to know where Lou Holtz is right now. What he said about our team, I cannot believe. This is a tough team right here. We’re proud to be from Ohio. It’s always been Ohio against the world. And it will continue to be Ohio against the world.”

Day’s impassioned response underscored his unwavering belief in his team’s resilience and grit.

The Buckeyes managed to secure their win through a relentless, last-minute drive, showcasing a riveting display of tenacity. The meticulous 15-play strategy unfolded in 1:25, transforming the game’s trajectory, while Lou Holtz’s remarks continued to echo in the minds of the Ohio State team.

Round 3: Holtz Says Ohio State is Not a Great Football Team

Lou Holtz, despite the subsequent repercussions, remained steadfast in his stance, he said on Tuesday, “He [Ryan Day] doesn’t want to talk about Michigan, 0-2. He doesn’t want to talk about the big game coming up against Penn State and against Michigan again. Ohio State’s a good football team. I don’t think they’re a great football team. He can go after me all he wants.”

Holtz not only reinforced his initial assessment but also appeared unapologetic about the incendiary impact his words had incited.

Furthermore, Holtz even expressed his condolences to current Notre Dame head coach, Marcus Freeman, for the inadvertent strain his remarks may have placed on the team, stating he would have utilized such comments as motivation if he were in Freeman’s position. However, Holtz’s subsequent apology to Freeman seems to further deepen the discrepancy between his belief in Notre Dame’s superiority and the final outcome of the game.

Potential Rematch in CFP?

As the sporting world watches this verbal duel unfold, the potential for Ohio State and Notre Dame crossing paths again in the College Football Playoff is a tantalizing prospect, and one can’t help but wonder if Holtz still sees Notre Dame as having the upper hand in a rematch.

He stated, “I honestly felt that Notre Dame was a better football team and more physical, and I am sorry that Coach Day was offended by it. I hope he goes on and has a wonderful year. I don’t think they will be a great football team. I really don’t. I felt Notre Dame (could have) won the football game.”

The continued debate around the performance and potential of both teams ensures that any future clash between Ohio State and Notre Dame would be steeped in anticipation and rivalry, providing a compelling spectacle for football enthusiasts.

While both teams prepare for their upcoming challenges, the echoes of this interaction linger, adding a nuanced layer to their storied legacies.

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