Chargers add color update to new logo

Chargers add color update to new logo

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Chargers add color update to new logo

After a day of endless jokes about their new “logo,” the newly minted Los Angeles Chargers have added a small update to their new “LA” word mark.

The new logo can be viewed on the Chargers’ official Twitter account. The design is exactly the same, save for new gold lettering against a powder blue background.

Here is how it appears on the team’s account:


The original word mark, which the Chargers have denied is the team’s new official logo, was simply blue and white—a color scheme which ended up getting mocked for being too similar to the Los Angeles Dodgers’ logo.


Powder blue and gold have long been colors associated with the Chargers. Maybe the team’s new logo wouldn’t have been so widely ridiculed had Chargers released it those colors on Thursday.

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