Is Myles Garrett Trying To Get Odell Beckham Jr. Back With The Cleveland Browns?

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The Cleveland Browns traded with the New York Jets on Thursday for wide receiver Elijah Moore.

Despite this, there have been rumors that former Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. may end up back with the team after the messy 2021 split that involved his release and ultimate signing with the Los Angeles Rams.

The Browns were in attendance for OBJ’s public workout recently.

And Myles Garrett could have fueled the rumor mill with his now-deleted Twitter conversation with a fan.

What Garrett Said

A fan asked Garrett to help get OBJ back in Cleveland.

Garrett responded: “I’m working on it”

No one knows exactly what it means.

What we do know is that OBJ remains a free agent.

There have been varying reports stating that he was looking for a $20 million annual salary.

He disputed these but said that $4 million was not enough.

Would The Browns Re-Sign OBJ?

Is Myles Garrett Trying To Get Odell Beckham Jr. Back With The Cleveland Browns?

Despite the issues he caused in the Browns’ locker room in 2021, it remains a possibility.

His biggest issue was with then-quarterback Baker Mayfield who did not get him the ball.

There never appeared to be ill will between OBJ and Coach Kevin Stefanski.

And by other accounts, he was well-liked in the locker room.

Perhaps Garrett was just joking around with the fan.

He had to know people were going to see his statement and begin speculating.

With Elijah Moore now in the building, the door to an OBJ reunion with the Browns could be closed.

The Browns Are Quietly Doing Well In Offseason

As ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky pointed out, the Browns are quietly doing a good job in the offseason of gaining valuable pieces without giving up too much.

For the 2023 Browns, it will come down to how good Deshaun Watson is, and how well the defense plays.

This is a good thing because they do not have any first or second-round draft picks so they need to build the team before the NFL Draft rolls around in April.

The defense was the issue last season; fans have faith that new defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz will fix those issues.

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