WATCH: New Orleans Saints WR Michael Thomas Deadlifts an Astonishing 575 lbs on Road to Recovery from Injury


New Orleans Saints wide receiver, Michael Thomas, recently revealed a glimpse into his vigorous recovery journey. The NFL star has been spotted deadlifting a staggering 575 lbs, spotlighting his impressive physical prowess, setting social media abuzz.

Michael Thomas Does 5 Deadlift Reps at an Incredible 575 lbs

Thomas, who has had a shaky journey with injuries, specifically ankle and toe setbacks, over the past few years, is making strides towards a strong comeback. The anticipation for his return is palpable, not just among the Saints’ fanbase but also within the team, which looks forward to a significant boost in their offensive strength.

In a video clip shared on his Instagram stories, Thomas powers through five reps of a 575-lb deadlift. This feat outshines the NFL wide receiver’s previous known record, an easy 530-lb lift back in April, which he says was met with criticism from some ‘haters.’ With a defiant ‘smoke that’, Thomas responded to critics, demonstrating his increased strength and determination.

Comparing Thomas to Your Average Joe

But how does Thomas’s deadlift compare to that of an average person? According to strength level standards, for a male who weighs around the same as Michael Thomas (around 220 lbs), an intermediate lifter with a moderate training history may typically be able to deadlift roughly 315 to 405 lbs. This is significantly less than Thomas’s impressive 575 lbs.

However, Thomas is a professional athlete with access to elite training, nutrition, and recovery resources, which enables him to achieve such substantial numbers. Oh, and of course, a little bit of hard work is involved too.

Thomas Looking to Return to ‘Good Old Days’

With the Saints welcoming Derek Carr at quarterback, Thomas’s return promises a remarkable leap forward for the team’s offense. Interestingly, Carr attributes his move to New Orleans in part to the veteran receiver’s influence, showing faith in a significant resurgence from Thomas.

His recent comments about feeling ‘like the old days’ resonate with his former years of peak physical performance, boding well for the Saints in the forthcoming season. However, they are still 50/1 shots to win the Super Bowl according to BetOnline.

Currently, Thomas’s fans, teammates, and the New Orleans Saints management eagerly await his full recovery. With his renewed vigor, exceptional strength, and unmistakable determination, the Saints’ offense will be looking to take the NFL by storm in the 2023 season.

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