Weight Room Video Shows That Derrick Henry Could Be Getting Even Bigger

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It is the glorious time in the NFL offseason before training camp and when fans get to peek into weight rooms around the country and see how their favorite players are staying in shape.

In the case of Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry, we see a whole lot of weight being lifted.

With the running back position being degraded and devalued in the current NFL picture, Henry has performed at a high-level season after season, and he keeps working to get stronger, better, and faster.

And somehow he is looking even bigger this offseason.

The video shows how jacked Henry looks on leg day.

The 29-year-old has been his team’s only consistent performer each season.

In 2022, the Pro Bowler carried the ball 349 times for 1,538 yards.

There is no running back by committee structure in Tennessee while Henry is there.

He is so strong that defenders cannot bring him down.

Henry is a lot like Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb.

Weight Room Video Shows That Derrick Henry Could Be Getting Even Bigger

They do their talking in the weight room and on the field.


The rest of the business of football is something they do not comment on.

There is no smashmouth in-your-face antics with the two of them.

They continue to be a good example for the younger running backs that are coming in the league behind them.

Currently, Derrick Henry is ranked 42nd all-time in rushing yards in the NFL.

In seven NFL seasons, he is the highest-ranked active player with 8,335 yards.

He appears to have a lot left in the tank so it is difficult to predict how much farther up the ranks of NFL legends he will climb before he calls it a career.

A Lombardi Trophy is the more important and imminent goal for Henry.

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