Five of the best NCAA basketball teams of all time

Five of the best NCAA basketball teams of all time


Five of the best NCAA basketball teams of all time

Intercollegiate sports first took place in the US in 1852, when crews from Harvard and Yale rowed against each other. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) was formed early in the 20th Century. The association was originally founded to discuss issues in collegiate sports and to make rules. This formation followed a number of deaths and serious injuries during football games.

Today, the NCAA looks after athletes at 1,123 colleges and universities. It helps to protect their well-being and assists them to prepare for a successful future. One of the most entertaining and interesting NCAA leagues is the basketball league. Over the years, many young stars have graced it with their presence. You can fully appreciate the excitement of watching these stars if you visit free sports betting sites and place a wager on the games you watch. Here are five of the best NCAA basketball teams of all time; all of them have attracted many wagers over the years.

  • North Carolina Tar Heels 1957

This 1957 team was only the second to remain undefeated for an entire season. What made the season all the more remarkable was the fact that the Tar Heels defeated Kansas and Goliath Wilt in a two-day period, and both games went into triple overtime. This is some achievement. An impressive season for the team was accompanied by an equally incredible season for its leader, Lennie Rosenbluth, who was named Player of the Year. The accolade was hardly surprising given that he averaged 27.9 points and 8.6 rebounds per game.

  • UCLA 1967

The have been many successful UCLA teams in the history of NCAA basketball, but this was one of the first. They averaged a winning margin of 26.2 points per game during the regular season. Their tournament performance was equally impressive, as they beat Houston by 32 points in the semi-final and UNC by 23 points in the final. The UCLA team was led by Lew Alcindor who received First Team All-American status for his performances.

  • Indiana 1975

Bobby Knight was voted Coach of the Year after Indiana’s impressive season-long performance of 1975. This was a team of exceptional performers who all worked together well. Players including Tom Abernathy and Quinn Buckner helped the team to achieve an average margin of victory of 18.

  • Duke Blue Devils 1992

1992 was the standout season for the Blue Devils; they were never knocked off the number one spot for the entire time. Anyone who knows anything about NCAA basketball will have seen arguably the most special shot in the tournament ever; taken by Christian Laettner in the game against Kentucky. It was a very special moment that took place just 2.1 seconds from time. The team went on to beat Michigan 71-51 in the title game.

  • Kentucky Wildcats 1996

This was a team of outstanding players. A total of 9 members of the team ended up playing in the NBA, including 5 who were drafted in the first round. Those are impressive credentials for any NCAA team. Over the season, the Wildcats achieved a winning margin average of 21 points. They also went on a run of 27 consecutive wins.

These five teams represent the best that the NCAA has to offer. Their play was exciting to watch, as is the action that takes place today, in NCAA basketball.

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