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Kennesaw State has a turnover plank, and they dressed it up (PHOTOS)

Now that Miami has brought the turnover chain back, other football programs appear to be coming up with their own clever renditions of the famous prop.

Tennessee has a turnover trash can, and Kennesaw State has a turnover plank — complete with a face and all.

The Kennesaw State players created a turnover plank to mimic the cartoon character “Plank” from “Ed, Edd and Eddy,” and did a pretty good job of it.

Owls head coach Brian Bohannon recently spoke about how the turnover plank came to be.

“One of our players took the plank out to the bench for the Gardner-Webb game,” Bohannon said. “I think the plank just kind of hangs out on the sideline, sits on the bench and drinks juice. I don’t know.”

Now that the turnover plank is gaining notoriety, the Owls players dressed it in a shirt and tie before Saturday’s game against the Charleston Southern Buccaneers.

The Owls went on to destroy the Buccaneers, 38-0, so it’s possible that the turnover plank brought them good luck in the game.