QB intrigue? Not this year; New clock rules an issue?

QB intrigue? Not this year; New clock rules an issue?

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QB intrigue? Not this year; New clock rules an issue?


Decent story in the Times about the numbers game at QB, and how Lopina is going to figure into the mix next year.


Something to really feel good about in the story?

“Brink, the only quarterback in Cougars history to beat Washington two times in a row, looks better than ever. The fellow who looked like a cross-country runner when he arrived in the fall of 2003 is now 6 feet 3, 215 pounds and looks like a big-time college quarterback.
When coach Bill Doba was asked Tuesday to discuss how Brink had improved from last year, he said, “No comparison. He’s more mature, more confident. He’s taken the team and he’s doing a nice job.”

About 15 minutes earlier, the fourth-year junior had gone 6 for 6 in a two-minute-drill touchdown drive that culminated with a pass to All-America candidate Jason Hill.

After all the heat that kid has taken in the message boards and elsewhere, there’s one thing to think about this year that could be a huge difference compared to last year. Not just the fact that this will be basically his 3rd full year of starting, and he’s really been in every situation you can think of at this point, but maybe what’s going to be the biggest thing?? Josh Swogger isn’t even an argument. As we heard through the grapevine, last year there was some split in the locker room about who should be starting, even up to the last game of the year. That had to be a distraction, no matter how they spun it in the media, bigger than we can truly know. Hard to remember this is a game played by human beings, kids at that. Now? There is NO argument. Brink is the guy, end of discussion, now get on the wagon or shut your mouth! 🙂

The Tribune has a good mix of news-n-notes, touching on the new NCAA clock rules.


Also too bad to see that Grady Maxwell is having knee issues and will have surgery. He had some good pub coming out of Tacoma, but more than likely he wasn’t destined to see PT this year. Get that knee injury out of the way now, take the redshirt, rehab it with the medical staff and be ready for next year!

Finally, per Cougfan, B.T. Walker is due to show up this afternoon. It’ll be nice to have another body in the d-backfield, particularly at corner.

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