Friday - Water Cooler Talk...

Friday - Water Cooler Talk...

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Friday - Water Cooler Talk...


Okay, since everyone is talking about the BCS slap that Michigan received over the weekend, what do the readers of LOHD think? Should Florida be playing THE Ohio State Univ for the championship or should it be a rematch game with Michigan? Post your comments.

Here is a interesting look at the debate and what could have been if the BCS was not in place…..ESPN article.

Oh a side note, I am in favor of a playoff system. Have the Top 10 teams battle it out. Seed 1 and 2 get a bye the first round. This would put away all doubts on who is the champ, only the strong survive. Also the whole bowl system is terrible, it seems every team that is in a big time conference and has a winning record goes to a bowl. I know that is a money thing but the playoff system would be a lot more fun and interesting to watch. Maybe throw in a couple of bowl games for the teams that did not make it to the “big dance” but reduce the number of bowls…not every team goes…maybe limit it to 8 win teams. I know it is not a perfect system and I don’t have all the answers for how it would work but I am simply saying that a playoff system needs to be in place.

What do you guys think—-stick with BCS or go to a playoff system?

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