The 2007 Angelswin "Sick" Lineup

The 2007 Angelswin "Sick" Lineup


The 2007 Angelswin "Sick" Lineup


Well, this is the first post on the Blog so I thought I’d start off by announcing the roster & starting lineup’s for the 2007 season. As you all know, went live following the 2002 championship season and has taken off since.

It was my hope that this site would be created by a fan for the fans. To this day, it has been just that, an expression of my passion for the Angels that has far succeeded any goals or hopes I had for this site. We’ve been on ESPN, Fox Sports, LA Times, Washington Post and interviewed live twice, representing you the fans on KNX 1070 AM in So. California during the controversial name change news & trial.

We’ve also gained respect not only from the media as “The Voice of the Halo Fans” but from the Angels FO. Eddie Bane, Tony Reagins, Tim Mead & even owner Arte Moreno have aknowledged with high regard. We’re so very grateful for their acknowledgement and contributions to our Angelswin online community.

Still, even with all that, it is you the fans and Angelswin team that makes this thing work. It brings me pleasure to announce this year’s 2007 lineup and roster. Look for these guys to tickle your itching ears throughout the season & offseason bloggin’ here and posting on our message board over there:

So with no further ado….

2007 lineup:
CF – Paul (yk9000): He’s the perfect table setter, gets things going.
2B – Justin (RallyMo): Contact hitter, quick, team player and a professional
1B- Geoff (LightTheHalo): Power hitter, swings from the “Left” side among other things
SS – Lou (iebruin): Move over A-Rod, this guy can do it all, need a lawyer?
DH – Brian (Angel25Fan): Proven veteran, power to all fields, drives them in, out and crazy
RF – Barry (Barringer): Pure hitter, big upside and is a strong defender in right
C – Jeremy (jwbrown77): No, this isn’t the C on the A’s, JW swings a mean stick from the left side of the plate
3B – Adam (Adam Dodge): Who says we need someone at the hot corner? Clubhouse clown
LF – Eric (JabronieRamone): Scouts compare him to a David Eckstein, gets on base and is quick

Reserves: Jeff22view, Halo-, xboom28x, Angelsfansjm, Chonito, Bloodbrother, AngelStew43, mulwin444, & Catwhoshatinthehat

SP – Tony (BigDel): Ace of the rotation, flame thrower, big bodied innings & food eater
SP – Craig (HaloNArizona):
SP – Victor (Victor):
SP – Paul (DowningRules):
SP – Tank (Halo Tank):

RP – Thomas (ChiliDavisEyez):
RP – Tim (Disarcina):
RP – Gordon (GogoTheHalofan):
RP – James (Halo82):

Setup Man
RP – Kurt (crampknees): Coming off knee surgery but still has a nasty knee buckling curve

RP – Sean (Red321): One of the best closers in the game. 3-2-1 you’re out!

Coaching Staff: Kevin (Coachbulldog), Paul (Pablo), Phil (wopphil), Brent (ucsbhubs), & Penny (Salome13).

Statistician: Charles (CharlesonMac)

Manager – Bruce (AngelInRed): Technically he’s the best in the game!

Owner & GM – Chuck Richter (chuckyy): F’n StoneChuck

* Others of note*

Team heckler: Mark (calscuf)

Booster club: Patti (Pattimelt)

Top Prospects: Bonglor, YouthofToday, Phenom07, Halos Rock, Chrispie, Saangels, elbooboo, HaloGator, SuperDave, Angelsjunky, MountCyanide, Reilec, calicoolguy, ShaneTyler, WS02game6, FanSince64, Punxsy, Milwaukee Halo, Revrobby & Floglag

There isn’t enough time or blog space to acknowledge everyone whether you’re the occasional posters on our message board or just daily subscribers and readers that support and contribute in other ways to You do not go unnoticed!

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