A Look at the Newest Titans

A Look at the Newest Titans


A Look at the Newest Titans


Anytime the Titans pick up a player who’s been in the league a while, I like to get some perspective on the player from a writer who’s covered him with his previous team.
With that in mind, here’s a look at what some writers think about the three newest Titans.
Jason Owens of the Colts Couch Crew has this to say about cornerback Nick Harper:

I can’t imagine that an aging cover-2 cornerback would garner a sizable contract when joining a team that relies predominantly upon man coverage. However given the trouble that the Titans are having with their “star” corner Adam Jones it is understandable that they would be looking to buiild some depth at the position. Depth is also likely the reason the Colts thought that they could allow Harper leave via free agency.

This is Shawn Edwards’ take on linebacker Ryan Fowler in The Cowboy Roundup:

Last year Fowler showed flashes that he could get the job done. Leading up to the end of the season Fowler began to get more playing time, and was starting by the last two games. During the final game when everybody else seemed to have quit Fowler played his best football. He all but shut down Marshall Faulk and the Rams rushing attack, delivering punishing hits and finishing the game with a career high 10 tackles.

The rest of Shawn’s report can be read here in his 2006 analysis of the Cowboys’ linebackers.
And finally, From the Midway‘s Matthew Perioli has these thoughts on receiver Justin Gage:

I’m not worried about losing Gage. At one time I had high hopes for him to maybe become a good #3 or even #2 receiver on this team, but with Muhammad, Berrian, Bradley and Davis on this team now, Justin was not needed as a WR threat. He might find some success in Tennessee, where they have a good young QB in Vince Young who is a rising star in the NFL.

I’m interested in your thoughts about the newest Titans. Please feel free to leave your comments.

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