WTNH Announces New Deal With ESPN Regional

WTNH Announces New Deal With ESPN Regional

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WTNH Announces New Deal With ESPN Regional


I apologize for not posting this earlier as it is baseball season and most of my focus seems to be towards the Boston Red Sox. But as the blog name suggests, SOX & Dawgs, the Dawgs part refers to the UCONN Huskies football and basketball programs.

Last week, WTNH-8 announced that it had reached a deal with ESPN Regional for the rights to televise UCONN Men’s Basketball and Football games for the next 3 seasons. WTNH’s sister station, WCTX-59 is also included in the deal.

The deal calls for both stations to broadcast 12 UCONN Men’s Basketball games along with the 12 game Big East Game of the Week package. UCONN could be included in that as well. The football portion of the deal calls for them to broadcast a 10 games in Big East game of the week package.

ESPN Regional has the rights to any Big East games that aren’t broadcast nationally by ESPN or CBS.

For me, it doesn’t really matter which station they are on as long as I am able to see every game. What I would love to see is a network similar to what teams have like the Sox do with NESN and the Yanks with YES. That way, we could get our own announcers and get a little more insight into the happenings of the teams. The Big 10 has it’s own TV network, it’s time for the Big East to do the same.

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