The City's best?

The City's best?


The City's best?


The AOL fan blog network has announced their results for the top 5 athletes currently playing in Indianapolis:

There is a lot right and a lot wrong with this article. Zombie Bob coming in at number 2 is quite sweet and very insightful. However, who in their right mind would have put Mike Dunleavy on that list even as a joke? What about Dallas Clark or Joe Addai? Or for that matter how about Michael Andretti, Danica Patrick, or Jeff Gordon? I’d bet you money any one of those three would have been more popular than AJ Graves.

How can you do a list about Indy and leave off race car drivers?

Demond Sanders’ Comments: Nice call on the drivers. Based upon their criteria some of their choices make ZERO sense. AJ Graves wouldn’t be recognized locally or nationally, and I can’t imagine anyone in Indy picking him as their favorite athlete. Try shaving once in awhile. Eric Gordon, as much as I love him, wouldn’t stand up to those criteria either (he might come this November though). Jermaine is highly recognizable on all levels, but he is not well liked locally of late.

All of the World Champion Indianapolis Colts are legit, of course. Heck, you could almost make the list entirely of Colts. My own list would go something like this: 1)Manning 2)Harrison 3)The Zombie Sanders 4)Reggie Wayne 5)Freeney 6)Dallas Clark 7)Addai 8)Robert Mathis 9)Tarik Glenn 10)Mr. Clutch

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