Is Tommy Bowden that bad of a coach?

Is Tommy Bowden that bad of a coach?

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Is Tommy Bowden that bad of a coach?


Tommy Bowden is ranked as one of the worst coaches by Article HERE.
Here is what it says:

3) Tommy Bowden, Clemson: How does a team with James Davis, C.J. Spiller and Gaines Adams manage to lose four of its last five? How does a program with Clemson’s resources fail to crack 8-4? And how has Bowden managed to survive half a decade on the hot seat?

I have to agree. CU has two of the best running backs, probably second to Ark-Kansas, and they fail to win games. Mr. Harper’s sole job this year at QB for CU should be to hand off to Davis and Spiller. Mix in a throw and run the I….simple. Some fans up here in the upstate say clemson will go 9-3…any chance?

What do you think? Does he deserve it? Thoughts on the rest of the article by Stewart Mandel?

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