Giving the Zombie his due

Giving the Zombie his due


Giving the Zombie his due


For years now, I’ve been wearing the jersey of the Colts’ QB. My dad gave me a Jimmy Harbaugh jersey for Christmas one year, and I’ve worn his or #18 nearly every game day since. But when it came time to order sweet full on replica Super Bowl jerseys direct from China, I ordered #21. His body might not hold up long enough for him to make the Hall of Fame, but no fan of the Colts will ever forget what he did over the course of those 4 games last winter.

I don’t know how I missed this article, but thanks to Gordon 38 from for calling it to my attention. It’s a four pager about Bob and his badass upbringing and the man who helped make the Zombie into the man he is today. It is an absolute must read.

Demond Sanders: It is ironic that Bob “The Zombie” Sanders didn’t want to bend steel for a living because he impersonates Superman on a daily basis. Awesome article.

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