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Here at PSaMP, I try my hardest to stick to solely Pittsburgh-related posts. Frankly, I don’t have the time, energy or ambition to cover the entire realm of sports. Guys like Will Leitch and Jamie Mottram would dust me if I even tried.

However, I keep tabs on whats going on outside the ‘Burgh, and am in constant conversation with my sister (yinz know her as Sheena Beaston) about the current sports world. We talk, email, or text each other (since I’m in Pennsylvania and she’s in NYC) to keep each other in tune with what’s going on in the national sports scene. I have one other sister and brother, but me and Sheen are more alike. My other siblings could care less about the sports world.

Getting back to the point…from time to time, I’ll be publishing our conversations about the national sports scene to let you know where I stand on certain issues/topics. As you’ll be able to see, its very easy to get sidetracked.

This week, me and Sheen’s conversation was text message-tastic. Know that before you judge grammar/spelling/facts. Enjoy.

SB: did you see when joseph addai did the triple salchow into the endzone

Tec: More of a lutz but ill accept it lol
SB: ya…its all about the toepick

Tec: haha he should’ve done a scott hamilton backflip to the delight of the fans

SB: Then he would’ve totally upstaged surya bonali…that’s my homegirl

Tec: Whos that?

SB: um hello…that black french figure skater who dominated back flips
Tec: O ya. or katarina witt


surya bonaly would slice katarina witt

Tec: I would segue into a joke involving brian boitano, but that’s beneath me

Tec: What was the name of that stone faced russian gymnast in the olympics back in the early 90s n stuff?

SB: oh dont even get me started on svetlana khorkina…if that who you mean

Tec: Mmmm good remember. i’d make a vault joke but again, too easy

SB: thats ok…pommel horses aside, gymnast jokes are one in a million
Tec: Jokes rule

SB: gags are cooler
Tec: Speaking of jokes/gags, i hope the red sox continue their immaculate display of losing the east

SB: i know…wtf…meanwhile the yanks are making a habit of sucking for the first half of games and then coming back in dramatic fashion to beat people

Tec: Ya makin comebacks like brett favre

SB: or making returns like alan rawesome

Tec: I see what you did there. pretty nifty

Tec: R-ossum. ossum=awesome. well done

SB: thats why they pay me the big bucks…psyche
Now you can see why I limit my national sports writing. NFL->Figure skating->Olympic gymnastics->MLB->Back to NFL.
We’ll see if The National Scoop makes a comeback.

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