The Amazing Race Asia 2, Ep. 6 Recap

The Amazing Race Asia 2, Ep. 6 Recap

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The Amazing Race Asia 2, Ep. 6 Recap


Last week’s recap certainly touched a chord with many of you. I was certainly being sarcastic with the Arrogant Assholes, but a lot of you decided to shoot back.

one piece of advice, don’t watch it anymore if you really feel bad seeing Filipinos winning the race.

if you find the race boring so… DONT WATCH IT!!!.. for us its entertaining!!

i find it funny how you try your darnest to insult marc and rovilsun…goes to show that they are successfully getting under your skin…something we, their fans, always love to see i’m looking forward for your ep.7 recap…and whatever new names you have made especially for our boys…

“where’s the update? i can’t wait to read what’s your view about marc and rovilson…i do hope that you won’t be too biased this time…afterall, the malaysian moms finally showed their true colors…those b*itches…hurry up with the update will you?!?”

“hmm, you seem as arrogant as marc and rovilson are. all this slandering really put me off. :-<"

First off, I’m not anti-Filipino. I’m of Taiwanese descent. If a Taiwanese team did the same thing, I would call them out as well. Second, I wrote in last week’s recap, “This week’s episode was much better, although the behavior from the aforementioned didn’t improve by much, there was more suspense.” I did not think the episode was boring, far from it. And this is a snarky blog. I am sarcastic and call things as I see them. If you want an objective episode recap, you can go to AXN-Asia’s TARA website and read to your heart’s content.

Also, Don wrote this, “Hi kzfone,

I’m not here to pick up a fight but I’m here to ask you a question. Why are you irritated by Marc and Rovilson? is it because they always arrive first? they have a bad sense of humor? or just the sight of them annoys you? I guess its abit to hard to call them names but then again its your blog.

JMO, it’s a race and every second counts and no time for fun. If you’re not amused by the comment of Marc and Rovilson to bad, I’m a fan of Marc and Rovilson but it doesn’t mean that I’m always amused by their sense of humor. In addition I think its a little funny that you have to blame the executive producer for bringing them to the amazing race asia, for all its worth I believe that he made the right choice because of Marc and Rovilson’s eagerness to outwit and outlast the other competators (opss sounds like another show :D)

I bet that you’ll gonna ask this, yes I’m a Filipino and I’m not just routing for the Philippine team but I’m routing for the other teams as well specially the Japanese team (unfortunately they got eliminated)


And my reply to him, “Hi Don,

Rovilson & Marc annoy me to no end. I have said this in my past recaps. They are good racers, I just think they mug for the cameras too much. I will explain this in the next recap, but my problem is not that they’re Filipino, it’s that they are constantly mugging and scripting their one-liners. I don’t think they’re funny.

I’m of Taiwanese descent. I love all of my Asian brothers and sisters, but I am truthful when it comes to calling things as I see it and I don’t like the way Rovilson & Marc come across. If they were Taiwanese, I would say the same thing.

And when it comes to being objective, people can read the AXN recaps if they want objective.”

But this person did seem to get it, “Love your recap! I was laughing all throughout. I’m almost ashamed to admit I’m from the Phils due to the antics of the 2 AAs and the juvenile defense of their fans. Want you to know not everyone here feels the same way about the 2 fools and their herd.

And finally, this person seemed to the most reasonable, “I’m surprised by Marc’s and Rovilson’s antics in the race. Although they are semi-celebrities and Marc is one of the better known “hot guy” in local scene, they just seem to have a low-profile in the Philippines. You never see them in any tabloids or news, well except for when Marc dates a local starlet but then IMO, it would be all about her and not him. I’m just saying that by contrast on how they are acting in the race. Seems like their macking is all in good fun. I’m glad that they are doing extremely well but still I have to admit that there are many moments that are awfully cringeworthy. They just seem to be enjoying the race, the fact that they work well together, are not having making many mistakes, having virtually no arguments and having tremendous luck brings an additional oomph to their enjoyment. These guys are mainly hosts of their own shows, hosts are comfortable with talking to the camera and they are on shows where dead air is a no-no, maybe they’re still on that mentality. Anyway that’s what my excuse for this team is. My excuse for Terri? Nothing, she’s a shrew. Period.

As for how this team got into the show, the producer said that they have the best audition tape ever. I for one didn’t think so. Seems they just have the right connections to produce a clean and crisp tape.

I don’t blame you for loathing this team. Just thought I’d give my two cents. For the other posters, there’s no need to be so offended by the blogger, and in turn be offensive. Snark is good. Snark makes my world go round.”

Anyway, just know that I’m not going to change. If you don’t like what I write, you hit the back button on your browser and you can go to Yahoo or someplace else.

Because of my work schedule, I’m not able to do a full recap this week. I’ll be back with a full recap of Episode 7. But the order of finish:

1. Arrogant Assholes
2. Adrian & Collin
3. Terri & Henry
4. Vanessa & Pamela (who seemed to be showing a lot of cleavage in this episode)
5. Paula & Natasha
6. Ann & Diane
7. Daichi & Sawaka (sadly eliminated)

In the next episode, there’s another car accident, the racers find themselves in sticky situations and Terri & Henry fight again.

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