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 It took Sam Cassell more than a month but he finally looks comfortable in a Celtics uniform. It's not often a 10 point, 4 rebound, 4 assist performance draws such rave reviews. But what we saw last night against the Bucks is exactly what Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers want to see from Sam in the playoffs. You know Sam is in the zone when he starts talking in third person:

"I'm just going to get my rhythm the next couple of games and be Sam Cassell out there. I was trying to fit in when I just got here and now [coach] Doc [Rivers] is telling me to 'just be yourself.' "

There are two reasons to watch tonight's game in Atlanta against the Hawks. First, the C's may look to send a message to their likely first round opponent. Second, Scot Pollard is doing the color analysis. The weird and wacky big man has TV experience with the Kings and WNBA's Sacramento Monarchs.

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