D'Antoni Accepts Knicks Job

D'Antoni Accepts Knicks Job

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D'Antoni Accepts Knicks Job


Dammit… the Knicks are starting to make good moves.  Now they're getting Mike D'Antoni

Mike D'Antoni has accepted an offer to coach the New York Knicks, according to a media reports. 

The former Phoenix Suns coach, who was also sought by the Chicago Bulls, has accepted a four-year, $24 million deal to take over the Knicks, according to reports by Sports Illustrated and The Boston Globe, both citing a league source.

Let's be honest… they could get the dead guy from Weekend At Bernies to coach that team and it would be better than Isiah.  And by the way… keeping Zeke on the payroll is a brilliant move on their part.  Now they can force him to stay away from the team… and if he doesn't… they can fire him and he won't get paid.  If they bought him out… he could contact players and be a pest.  The Knicks would spend that money anyway… but this way… they can control how much Isiah impacts the team.

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