Some Late Friday Night Links

Some Late Friday Night Links

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Some Late Friday Night Links


I’ll give you some links tonight. It looks like I won’t be here to give you Saturday links until late so I may give you something else in the interim when you wake up.

First, from Darren Rovell of CNBC, he wonders if Michelle Wie is truly done as a viable and marketable commodity. Considering her record, you really have to think she is one of the biggest flops after all the hype. And Darren says pizza chain Papa John’s goofed in charging 23 cents for pies in Ohio on Thursday to make up for a Washington, DC franchise’s mistake.

Tom Hoffarth of the Los Angeles Daily News says UPS has signed an agreement with Big Brown jockey Kent Desormeaux for logo space on his racing colors and to wear a UPS hat after the Preakness and Belmont Stakes, provided the horse wins both, of course. Tom adds that TNT’s Kenny Smith will be in Santa Clara Saturday to help feed needy children.

Kat O’Brien of Newsday writes that Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain’s histronics on the mound against Cleveland on Thursday spurred plenty of talk on the radio and TV Friday.

Ted McKenna of Red Orbit looks at the cost cutting by CBS that led to the downfall of popular Boston sportscaster Bob Lobel earlier this year.

Speaking of CBS, Phil Swann of the TV Predictions website says CBS Sports may not broadcast all of its NFL games in HD, just like last year when it only did two or three games a week in HD.

Bruce Allen of Boston Sports Media Watch discusses a Chicago Tribune article which not only says it’s time to move on from Spygate, but also adds some criticism to the Boston Herald.

The Big Lead says it’s possible that Mike Lupica and Jason Whitlock could be working on the same staff.

Oh great. The Washington Post’s Leonard Shapiro thinks Buzz Bissinger was on target with his criticism of blogs.

ESPN says this Monday’s Arena Football League game between Philadelphia and Georgia will be essentially announcer-less except for Ray Bentley narrating what happened in-between breaks. On-field microphones will pick up referees’ decisions, coaches’ and players’ commentary and locker room discussions.

NBC Sports says the US Olympic Whitewater Slalom Trials will be seen on MSNBC this Sunday.

Barstool Sports likes US gymnast Alicia Sacramone. Who’s Alicia Sacramone? She’s the one who knocks out guys. Really. And she goes to Brown here in Rhode Island. Even more reason to like her.

And this is her in action on the floor exercise against the University of New Hampshire last year.

On that note, I’ll end it. See you tomorrow.

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