Penguins Stanley Cup Musical

Penguins Stanley Cup Musical


Penguins Stanley Cup Musical


If you follow this provided link, you may die.

I followed it, am still here, and am encouraging you to do so as well.

Puck Daddy, the fantastic Yahoo! sportsblog edited by the man, the myth, the legend Greg Wyshynski, has put together some of the finest Penguins fans songs from the tubes into its very own musical, of sorts.

I’d post each video here, but you should go to Puck Daddy to get the full effect. I’m not a huge fan of musicals, which you could probably guess since I’m a massive sports fan, but this is one I’d definitely check out. Multiple times. And since I live in New York City, I shall camp out in front of some odd Broadway theater (theatre?) until this show comes to fruition.

Pittsburgh Penguins: The Stanley Cup Musical [Puck Daddy]

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