Wolves Updates 09/25

Wolves Updates 09/25

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Wolves Updates 09/25


RandBall chats with Chuck Klosterman in advance of his upcoming Minneapolis appearance:
RB: Kevin Love or O.J. Mayo?
CK: This is actually pretty close. I think Love has
the potential to be better, but only if he’s the third option on a very
good team (and that will never happen in Minnesota). Mayo is more
complex. He’ll either be awesome or useless. There is something strange
about his attitude; he seems detached in a way I cannot define. He
might end up being a version of Vernon Maxwell who passes well, or a
[redacted] sociopath.
From Peter W/Canis Hoopus :Diary of a Madman- Training Camp Edition 
The Gophers’ Tubby Smith, Iowa State’s Gregg McDermott, DeLaSalle’s Dave Thorson, St. Cloud State’s Kevin Schlagel, Gustavus Adolphus’ Mark Hanson, Jim Petersen from the Timberwolves and former Timberwolf Chris Carr will speak at the HoopsNet basketball coaches clinic that begins at 9 a.m. Saturday at Tartan High.

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