Jeff Reed = AFC Special Teams Player of the Week

Jeff Reed = AFC Special Teams Player of the Week


Jeff Reed = AFC Special Teams Player of the Week


Jeff Reed is making Cotter and I look look like geniuses.

In one of our pregame shows (I’m too lazy to go find it), we predicted a 100% season for Jeff, and so far, he’s 7 for 7. The Ravens game provided a 3 for 3 showing, including the game winner just inside the left upright in overtime. Its odd to think Reed never won an OT game in the regular season before, and only has one in the postseason.

I was at that game, the infamous Jets/Steelers battle where Doug Brien missed two FGs to win and advance, only to have Reed nail the winner into the open end of the stadium in OT. I was sitting behind the closed-end-uprights, where Brien missed both chances. Still the greatest game I’ve ever gone to.

But back to Reed. His 3 for 3 and game winning night earned him the distinction of AFC Special Teams Player of the Week. Its his third time getting the award.

I love when our guys get this award, because it gives me reason to scour the web for random pictures of them with a female fan. Jeff is an internet-photo legend (here, here, here and here…ridiculous photoshops here and here), but this one was too good to pass up. Oh, and the chick…

…Hey, baby.

Congrats to the guy whose dong shaft I’ve unfortunately seen. When does Santonio get the Offensive Player of the Week award?

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