Nate Miles Expelled From UConn

Nate Miles Expelled From UConn

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Nate Miles Expelled From UConn


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UConn Huskies freshman basketball player Nate Miles was expelled from school today after going in front of the review board according to his legal guardian Sean Patterson. Miles had violated a restraining order taken out by a female UConn student who had accused him of physical and sexual abuse.

“The first thing I would like to say is I would not be having this conversation if I felt Nate was guilty of things he is accused of because I have two daughters of my own,” Patterson said. “If there was one percent of doubt in my mind that Nate was guilty of assaulting a female, I wouldn’t have anything to say. … In my mind, he was railroaded today. It’s unfortunate for everyone involved. I want to add that I have no regrets about having a great relationship with Jim Calhoun and the basketball staff, and am glad to have had Nate be around such a person and staff. Any parent that is lucky enough to have their son play for those guys is a very fortunate person.”

Miles is still listed on the UConn men’s basketball roster but I expect that he won’t be there in the morning.

It’s a shame that Miles is wasting all his talent but the law is the law and the UConn review board came to the right decision in my opinion. The men’s program has had it’s share of troubles with the law in recent years and it might be time for Jim Calhoun and his staff to start looking more carefully at the character of the players they recruit. There’s a reason why Miles went to 5 different high schools.

He does have 5 business days to appeal the decision and judging from what Patterson said above, I’d have to think they may appeal the decision.

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