Doc Rivers Drew It Up Perfectly

Doc Rivers Drew It Up Perfectly

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Doc Rivers Drew It Up Perfectly


buzzerLast year, the Celtics KILLED everyone out of time outs because the Celtics executed their plays to perfection.  Last night, Doc Rivers drew one up that gave the Hawks absolutely no choice but to play everyone straight up… because doubling Paul Pierce would have left a great scoring option wide open.

In #3, you could see Paul's passing options IF the Hawks had doubled.  But since they hung back… and since he left Horford in the dust with the crossover… Pierce's best option was to take the jumper rather than slash.  This overhead view shows just how much room Pierce had to take the shot.

Paul Pierce was the assassin… but it was Doc Rivers who ordered the hit.  Paul should get a ton of the credit for hitting the shot… but Doc should get the credit because this credit is due.

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