Oh, Those Lovable, Drunken Ranger Fans

Oh, Those Lovable, Drunken Ranger Fans

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Oh, Those Lovable, Drunken Ranger Fans


They’re just perpetuating stereotypes of themselves all over the tri-state! Yes I know, one or two bad eggs doesn’t give me the right to make sweeping generalizations about an entire fanbase, but you forgot one simple thing — I don’t care. That’s not to mention that this is one of the very, very few things that Islander, Flyer AND Penguin fans can all agree on. That, and the fact that Sonic should open locations all over the eastern seaboard.

To be fair, all teams have their drunken fans who get kicked out, and only in very rare instances do we have the privlidge of it being completely hilarious. So for their hard work at The Rock the other night, I would like to thank these Ranger fans for their efforts in entertaining us.

And now back to your regularly scheduled Ryan Programming.

h/t Deadspin
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