Bagpipe Monday... FMLA Style

Bagpipe Monday... FMLA Style

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Bagpipe Monday... FMLA Style


Welcome back to Bagpipe Monday presented by Subway Domer. There is lots of stuff going on not only within the Notre Dame Football program, but also the Subway Domer Family program. My apologies to those who have suffered for the past few weeks with no bagpipes to rock out to on your computer screen, but if you have been following me for at least two days, than you know why. At any rate, welcome back.

This is the time in the Bagpipe Monday post where I usually list off the results of the previous poll. Well, I don’t remember what that poll last actually contained. So, I have a small rundown of randomness:

  • Notre Dame is getting their ass handed to them by Alabama. Please vote your conscience.
  • The eligibility charts and recruiting map are now linked on the right sidebar. Use wisely.
  • has ended the Civil War and has opened up Rock’s House to all who post there. Cartier Field remains, but really, it’s disbanded.
  • I received this e-mail a few short weeks ago- Why is it necessary to use such base language in your reporting. Is it because you want to come across as “one of the guys”? It seems very unnecessary and immature to me, adds nothing to the reporting and risks offending and alienating a sizable number of your readers. I think you’re better than this and don’t need locker room jargon to get your message to your readers. Personally, I lose respect for you when I read some of your offerings, laced with profanity and further, you diminish the University that you seem to care so deeply about. I hope you will think about this. Good Luck Warren “ Seriously people. I get one of these a week or so. Don’t take this too personal Warren, but who do you think you are? This is who I am and what this site is. I really don’t give a shit. I am not a journalist- nor do I pretend to be. This is a blog by a member of the Subway Alumni… recognize.

And with that- please vote in this weeks poll and enjoy the pipes!

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