Kelly is staying with the team…Who’s next?

Kelly is staying with the team…Who’s next?


Kelly is staying with the team…Who’s next?


It appears every high priced Raider is being invited into the big office to either restructure their deals, take a pay cut, or get outta town.

Tommy Kelly is the latest Raider to make his visit to financial services and he came out of the office still a part of this team after the Raiders converted the $4.5 million roster bonus he was set to receive, into a guaranteed payment, reducing the cap charge in 2009 resulting from the payment.

Kelly also is due to receive a $2.5 million salary in 2009.

After the releasing of Gibril Wilson and Ronald Curry, this move seems to have a high probability. Especially when you consider Tom Cable’s statements Thursday at the combine, “You’ve got to change everybody,” Cable said. “It’s not just changing the left guard and the linebacker and this and that. You got to change the building. Change how they think, how they perceive the organization, how they come to work every day. It’s much deeper than just a handful of football players. It’s everybody who walks in the building.”

Kwame Harris’ pay cut or release will complete the list of high priced Free Agents from last offseason.

Although he is certainly not the last of the players that are overpaid and underachieve so you can bet that some other Raider players will either take one for the team or will be finding a new one. Terdell Sands immediately jumps to mind.

Next up is Javon Walker who, despite his overall cap number hovering around $10 million, it will only be slightly higher (just over $1 million) if he stays than if he is cut. That may just be enough to ensure his exit.

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