Mustache May 'stache of the Day: Greg Maddux

Mustache May 'stache of the Day: Greg Maddux

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Mustache May 'stache of the Day: Greg Maddux


Thanks to the continued support of the American Mustache Institute, it is with great pleasure that I continue our month long celebration of the ‘stache and recognize Greg Maddux.

It is fitting that Maddux’s dirtlip is featured today given that, along with Fergie Jenkins (more on him later this week), Maddux is getting his number retired by the Cubs today at Wrigley Field.

AMI Style: Not many guys can rock a pencil…the future Hall of Famer Maddux was no different.

Grade: C- Maddux was brought up to fill out a Cubs staff that was led by Dennis Eckersley, but something tells me that Mad Dog’s effort was a letdown.

It is speculated that Maddux lost a bet with his brother Mike to see who was going to carry on the Maddux mustache legacy, but much like Billy Ripken conceding the Iron Man streak to his brother Cal…Greg allowed Mike to don the womb broom.

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