China Jack Across Multiple Platforms

China Jack Across Multiple Platforms


China Jack Across Multiple Platforms


I’ve been fighting China Jack withdrawal. It’s been a week since his Sally Wiggin toast (and her romp around town), which is like forever in Internet time. I might start up a collection to bring Jack to the states, just so I can high-five him whenever I feel like it.

But now Jack’s diversifying. And you’ll be able to get your China Jack fix from a number of different sources. Via my buddy Gavin’s freshly-titled site comes the addition of official China Jack t-shirts (pictured above). GAN BEI indeed.

Also, Jack is about to begin blogging at Gavin’s site. I know you’re already filled with nervous anticipation…don’t worry, I’ll have it covered once Jack’s blog goes live. I’m anxious to see how Jack’s blogging goes. It’s a tough gig, but if I’m confident in one person on this planet, it’s China Jack.

Finally, take a look at this cool update:

Yup, China Jack’s joined Facebook. And he’s joined the PSAMP Facebook group, as you can see by his recent activity. If you wanna friend him, I’m not giving you the link. You’ll have to go to the PSAMP group (join up while you’re there if you already haven’t) and find him that way. I’m a manipulative jerk like that.

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