Poll: Rotation changes afoot

Poll: Rotation changes afoot

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Poll: Rotation changes afoot


New Poll Question:
With Smoltz ready, Buchholz antsy and Daisuke struggling, where do the Red Sox turn?

  • Smoltz starts in the pen with Bard being sent to AAA
  • Smoltz to the rotation, Dice K to the DL or the pen (Bard to AAA)
  • A Penny deal will go down this week making room for Smoltz
  • Whatever the plan was…Buchholz takes priority. Rock the boat and get him to Boston
  • Wake’s a potential All-Star, but he can go to the pen right?
Terry Francona will give us some news today.  Will he show the Red Sox hand dictating their overall rotation strategy going forward or will today’s announcement just be a baby step?
As always, new poll is up to the right…vote away and argue it out in the comments.

Previous Poll Results:
Who will end the year with greater offensive production?

Is this representative of a collective confidence in David Ortiz or do the other two just stink at the plate? Ortiz has improved to -10.7 RAA but Lugo (1.1) and Kottaras (-2.3) are on the upswing as well.  Ortiz has a mountain to climb.

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