Wolves Updates 6/16

Wolves Updates 6/16

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Wolves Updates 6/16


From Chad Ford/ESPN: Draft-buzz roundup: What we’re hearing
First, Rubio has been avoiding the Wizards. Apparently, his people don’t think he’s a good fit in the backcourt with Gilbert Arenas. If the Wizards pass on him because of that, I’m not sure where he’ll land. Minnesota needs a point guard, but the Wolves seem to be leaning toward Curry and Tyreke Evans. The Warriors need Rubio badly, but they have a pretty rocky relationship with his agent, Dan Fegan…
With that said, I think Curry is the Wolves’ best-case scenario at No. 6. Are they really going to scratch off a guy they want at No. 6 just because he didn’t come in for a workout?
• In discussing the current roster, Kahn said, “On a championship-contending team, Al [Jefferson] might be the second-best player. … Kevin [Love] might be the fourth-best player.” Jefferson, he added later, is ahead of schedule in rehabbing his torn ACL, is expected to be ready at the start of training camp and has lost weight.

• Kahn said there are seven players the Wolves would be happy to end up getting with the No. 6, the first of three first-round choices the team has in the June 25 draft. He said he could envision the Wolves using all three of their first-round picks if some were more seasoned college players. Will they play right away?

“We’re going to have to let these kids play,” he said.

Some months back, Cheshire Academy basketball coach Kevin Kehoe gave Ryan Gomes a phone call in hopes of securing an autographed jersey to help generate proceeds for a young high school athlete in Madison, Brian Woods, who has had two heart transplants from a disease known as cardiomyopathy.

You figure Gomes gets these calls about every 10 minutes, but when Kehoe said the magic word — heart — Gomes asked Kehoe if it might be preferable to auction off himself … as in a dinner for four with Ryan Gomes.

Gomes, the fine NBA forward with the Minnesota Timberwolves by way of Waterbury, was in Madison Monday to pay off on his end of the bargain. But this latest act of kindness from Gomes is anything but random…

Just two weeks ago, Gomes was a prime mover in legislation that now requires schools in Connecticut to have at least one portable defibrillator accessible both during the school day and for after-hours school sponsored events, including sports.
From Adam Holt/Minnesota Timberwolves Examiner: Timberwolves draft options – part one
With the end of the 2008-09 season, Bodog.com has come out with an early line for next season.

Not surprisingly, the Timberwolves are one of the longest shots on the board at 125-1, ahead of only the Memphis Grizzlies (150-1).

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