2009 Division Champs?

2009 Division Champs?

Firebrand AL

2009 Division Champs?


The Red Sox have 92 games left and of those games, 43 are against teams under .500. If we assume that the Red Sox can win 50% of their games against the good teams in the league and win 61% of their games against bad teams (their current winning percentage, the Red Sox will end with a record of 93-69. For the Yankees to catch them they would need to win 60% of all their remaining games. For Tampa to catch them they would need to win 62% of their remaining games.
Unfortunately for the Yankees, they only have 26 games remaining against teams under .500. Tampa is in a worse situation, playing just 25 games against the worse teams in baseball. This sets the Red Sox up as the prohibitive favorites to win the division. This puts them in a position to rest players or potentially move assets to improve their team next year.

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