Ricky Rubio Loves That Nice Sacramento Weather

Ricky Rubio Loves That Nice Sacramento Weather

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Ricky Rubio Loves That Nice Sacramento Weather


Plucked this from Henry Abbott from ESPN’s live draft buzz post that is being updated whenever news becomes available. Henry is in New York for the draft and is part of the huge WWL team covering the next 48 hours.

Henry Abbott: There have been rumblings and suggestions that if things get extremely complicated with Ricky Rubio’s Spanish team, DKV Joventut, he might not be able to afford to play in the NBA. Depending on where he’s drafted, it’s conceivable that his NBA salary will approximate the buyout he owes his original team. In other words, he might play in the NBA without making a penny.

Rubio says that wouldn’t bother him. “I have a dream,” he said. “I want to play in the NBA.”

The point guard, who presumably could make some money from sponsorships, could not have been clearer that it’s not about the money. If his rookie contract nets him zero, he says, “I don’t care.”

In a video that will be on TrueHoop shortly, he also was asked to react to various NBA cities. His gut reaction to the word “Minnesota” was: “Too cold.” Oklahoma City earned a “My best friend lives nearby.” And when Rubio thinks of Sacramento, the first thing that comes to mind is: “Nice weather.”

It’s nice to know that he WANTS to come here. He loves the potential of playing time with just Beno Udrih battling him for Sacramento point guard supremacy and now he loves the weather as well. It couldn’t be a better fit!

UPDATE: Here’s the video mentioned below and in Henry’s quote

I’ll post that video later on when TrueHoop makes it available but for now, how about some video of him critiquing his own game?

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