Frankie and Chucky see a ghost

Frankie and Chucky see a ghost


Frankie and Chucky see a ghost


[At the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee….]

Carlos Gomez: I’m a little scared, staying in this hotel room all by myself. Maybe I’ll listen to the Wiggles on my iPod! (puts ear plugs in ears)

CG – GAAAAAA!!!! Voices!!!!!!! (throws iPod to the ground)

CG – The sheer terror has made me all sweaty! I need a shower! (Showers while singing the Alphabet Song) A B C A R L O S! Now I know my ABC’s! (Hops out of the shower… The broken iPod is spouting off static)

CG – GAAAAA! My iPod is possessed! (runs out of the room half naked. Francisco Liriano is in the hall) Frankie! I think my room is haunted!

FL – Really? What happened, Chucky?

CG – Well, I put my head phones in, and then I heard voices, so I threw the iPod down really hard, and when I came out of the shower later, it wasn’t working right!

FL – Oh wow, it really does sound like you have a ghost!

CG – Do you want to hang out with me? Maybe we can keep the ghost away.

FL – Sure! We’ll be like Scooby Doo!

[Back in the room, Chucky and Franky play jacks for hours on end)

[There is a knock on the door]

Voice on the other side: What are you two doin’ up so late?!

(Franky and Chucky look at each other, afraid)

[the door swings open]

Ron Gardenhire: I said, what are you two kids doing up so late?!

FL/CG: G-g-g-g-GHOST!!!!

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