Bask in the glory that is Stephon Marbury

Bask in the glory that is Stephon Marbury

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Bask in the glory that is Stephon Marbury


Did you miss the Starbury marathon yesterday?  I’ll admit, I missed a lot of it too… but that’s ok.  Because we can easily re-live the glorious 24 hours that was.  UStream.TV has chopped up a bunch of the stream into videos you can watch whenever you want. 

And if that’s too much, you can just run down the gigantic running diary, complete with quotes, on NBA Musings (Via FanHouse).  This one kind of surprises me:

Funniest dude in the NBA: Lot of funny cats in the NBA.. like Kendrick Perkins. He’s a funny dude. […] He’s hilarious!

I guess I didn’t expect Perk to be the team cut-up. 

I think the one quote that will define this broadcast is “They tried to put me in a box!”

He must have said that a million times. 

Say what you want about Steph… he changed the game with this.  Who knows what will follow… what other players will do… what teams will have to do to keep it in check.  This really is just the beginning.

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