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WGR Youth Movement
If you’re looking to hear different opinions on the WGR airwaves, I suggest you listen to Sports Talk Saturday and Sunday which airs 11am-1pm. The rotating hosts are Nick Mendola, Joe
Buscaglia, and Andrew Fillipponi (Feel like I just named the heads of the 5 New York Families, FYI-only people with Italian backgrounds can make those jokes). The sports talk weekend show is where Jeremy White got his start at WGR. I’m sure these guys are hoping to follow in White’s foot steps in being a top host at some point. The advice I would give to the trio is to try and tackle different topics than the ones discussed during the week. One suggestion is to do a fantasy sports weekly show. If the channel can dedicate a show a week to Mike Schopp collecting cards and The Bulldog talking about Harley Davidson’s (all sports all the time, right?), then you can have a show about a billion dollar industry.

Last weekend, Mendola had the author of The Beckham Experiment, Grant Wahl for a good 15 minute interview that covered all the aspects of interviewing the face of soccer. The author even had a good story to tell about his first meeting with Posh Spice. That’s an interview WGR would never do during the week. And why wouldn’t they? Considering the weekly hosts were talking about their favorite band to play their birthday parties (huh?). is alive, but is kicking!
After a good (or bad) month without anyone posting a blog (besides Ed Kilgore talking fishing) on, Stu Boyar finally broke out of the month long slump with a blog previewing Bills training camp. But just when I thought was back on top of its game, the site left much to be desired on the opening day of training camp. The only coverage they had was a 40 second video of b-roll of T.O. catching some passes and doing some autographs for the fans. Not exactly exclusive content. WIVB on the other hand, had all the sports stories they aired during their sportscast at 6pm. They also included 3 updated blogs by Paul Peck on training camp opening and the Bills cutting DiGiorgio. WGRZ….(insert crickets)

No chatting for The Buffalo News
Just finished reading some of TBN opening day coverage of training camp. The News had a really good recap of the day by Mark Gaughan and a great column by Bucky Gleason (He knows football?) on T.O. Mania. However, I was very disappointed the News didn’t have any chats this week considering training camp opened on Saturday. The weird part is that Mark Gaughan and Allen Wilson had chats every week during all of Bills mini-camp. I guess they must of lost their Internet connection on Thursday and Friday. On a side note, TBN had a 7 minute video recapping the Aud demolition with interviews from Larry Felser and former Aud PA announcer Milt Ellis. The video was actually one of TBN better pieces, but the producers still have to work on the lighting in interviews. And Mike Harrington..please no more dramatic stand ups.

Mike Schopp MIA
I never thought I’d say this, but I miss Mike Schopp. Schopp was on vacation last week and as much of a jerk as Schopp is, he’s still the straw that stirs the Afternoon show’s drink. Bulldog can’t carry the show by himself. Bulldog reminds me of WWE wrestler HHH. Yeah, when HHH works with guys like The Rock and Steve Austin he comes off as being a good player. But take away the guys he works with, and he’s just a bore. Bulldog maybe the more likeable host amongst listeners, but unfortunately nice guys finish last when it comes to radio.


“That Orphan movie is crazy”

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