Game Rewind: The Weaver Has Landed - Angels 3, Indians 0

Game Rewind: The Weaver Has Landed - Angels 3, Indians 0

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Game Rewind: The Weaver Has Landed - Angels 3, Indians 0


Well, I guess that answers that question.  After going and getting everyone all worked up by getting bombed in his last outing, Jered Weaver delivered a message loud and clear that he is just fine thank you very much.

Jered Weaver pumped up

For the second time this year, the Jered Weaver found that extra gear and notched himself a complete game shutout.  Not only did Weaver prove that he had fixed whatever mechanical issues that sunk him last time out, but he continued his evolution as a real staff workhorse.  While Weave has generally put up solid stats in his first three years in the league, he has almost never displayed the ability to go deep into games.  Before this season he didn’t a single complete game to his credit.  Now he has four.  That’s evolution, homes.

Weaver isn’t just using his deceptive delivery and quality stuff to get by anymore.  Weaver has finally gotten it through his head that he must actually learn to pitch smart as well.  Sheer will and determination will only get you so far in the big leagues.  For Weaver, it used to get him through about 5 2/3 innings per start the last two years while striking out 7.51 batters per nine innings for his career.  But now that Weaver has seen the light and actually made an effort set batters up and outhink them, Weaver is averaging 6 2/3 innings per start and upped his strikeout rate to 7.94 K/9, which are both huge steps up.

The next step for Weaver is to avoid those little hiccups like he had in Baltimore and give the Angels a dominant, or close to it, effort every time he toes the slab.

Good News:

  • He may have been the only sub-.300 hitter in the line-up, but Howie Kendrick got the big hit tonight as he continues to prove that he is back.
  • Abreu has been getting all the pub lately, but Chone Figgins is the true MVP of the Angels.  His line tonight is a perfect example of how he does all the small things to make the Angel engine go.  He worked two walks off of Jeremy Sowers to help set the table for the big boppers (though tonight they failed to capitalize) and even gave himself up on a sac bunt in the fifth.

Bad News:

  • For those of you keeping score at home, Juan Rivera took the collar again, leaving three on base while Torii Hunter collected one hit and worked the Indian pitchers for 21 total pitches faced versus 10 for Rivera who once again inexplicably started in the three-hole over Hunter.
  • It wasn’t all good tonight for Weaver.  While a seven-hit shutout is still great, it is mildly concerning that he four of those seven hits were doubles.  No matter how good Weaver is on a given night, his strong flyball tendencies make him vulnerable to extra-base hits which will probably prevent him from ever being truly considered a staff ace.

Halo Hero:

  • Jered Weaver

Jered Weaver congrats

Sure his shutout came against the beleaguered Indians, but a shutout is still a shutou.

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