Lazy Thursday

Lazy Thursday


Lazy Thursday


Sometimes, even someone like me has a day without much to say. I’m headed to the DC area for a wedding this weekend; there will be a Futilitywatch at FanHouse tomorrow and gamethreads here for sure. I may get another post in edgewise tomorrow afternoon. For now, links!

If you’re a football fan, you should check out Mike Tunison (aka Christmas Ape)’s new book.

BUCCOFans has video of Justin Wilson.

I thought this story by Perrotto about the pre-game instructional camp that’s taking place at PNC with Varsho, Kerrigan, and Hill was very interesting. I can’t think of a better group of guys for our young players to learn from. I hope they’re all committed to sticking with Russell’s staff long-term.

Actually, there’s just not a lot going on. Instead, let’s do something different. Please rank the following three players by the number of home runs you think they will hit in a Pirate uniform (first being the most, third being the least) and tell everyone why you put them in the order you did. I’ll give you the three players in my order with a brief reasoning:

  1. Andy LaRoche
  2. Ronny Cedeno
  3. Garrett Jones

Ranked so because of future potential and future potential playing time. Have at it, folks.

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